Magical Mystical Morning

19 08 2011

And then a day arrives with magic.  On our off shift fall colors happened and past the morning is crisp no mosquitoes buzzing on the walk across the yard to work it was dark last night finally the sun has yet to rise frost to be scraped on windows the steady rattle of diesel trucks warming up a helicopter tied down on the pad misted in the fog blanket surrounding the rock we work on.  Magical mystical morning, good to be alive, good to be actively healing from summer growth season.  Letting go, enjoying the change of season, letting in all the new growth inside.  Letting on.  Letting on the creative spurt of energy I devoted to music.  Two crops, a crop of the past family drama dynamic shifting to a new phase of active letting go, if people chose to be a train wreck in their lives, so be it.  I chose life.  LIFE LIFE LIFE.  Another crop so unexpected, music.  Ripping through me, picked up my guitar again in April, been playing ever sense, already in a band with two live performances, an album ready for the studio, and another concert event already planned.  People love what we play, good energy acoustic, and we do it for Dogs.   Dogs, my first language, preferable my only because I’ve never fully understood human.  Dogs have always rescued me.  This spring I was introduced to dog rescue work, oh my god thank you a new calling.  Dogs are so good at receiving and giving, so much to learn in this new venue in life.

Quite simply, LIFE IS GOOD.  LIVE.

Loving living,


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