Sun Chillin

2 04 2014

There ain’t no ride like the first sun induced coma of spring.sun

Typical Alaskan boy feels sun after long winter, sits, ahhs, reptile lizard move groove chill. Slurp slurp first rays of season hit skin ahh.

I cheat of course, I can hear my Ak sis calling me a liar, I am, I only deal with Alaska weather if I’m doing my shift work. But still the same, arctic weather triggers sun chillin at first opportunity no matter how long duration of ugly weather has been experienced.

This holds true for bipolar as well. We wether seasons, inside and out. Storms brew threw, change occurs, weather or not we “self ordained” allowed it, and life goes on. My big boy diapers are on and I’m plowing threw stuff I no wanna do, yet I keep visualizing, if I keep at it, I’ll once again be in a better place, and yes the fruits of my past no wanna works throughs are currently blessing me immensely.

Sun Chilling for another moment, or five today, then back at it. Feeling my energy, honoring the sun, enjoying past efforts realized.

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