Unfolding Raw

13 06 2013

image We live. We breathe. Some achieve the current societal ideal. Some suffer endlessly. Who am I to say or see right or wrong.

Yet I do. Open mouth insert raw moment of looking in a soul and offering up what is viscerally sensed.

Gift or curse?

Gift; uninhibited by many “normal” fears I’ll say what needs to be said or act on a sincere inner intuitive derivative process.

Curse; I don’t always get it right and have the physical emotional relational financial scars to prove it.

Gift: I’ve seen/lived inside the inner subtle gifts of solitude and gratitude of risking raw and assisting many soul expansions. Cost: sanity, commitment to inner subtle verses outer comfort. Last winter, my belief and faith burned and evaporated, I forgot in the process it was renewing, deepening, opening to a new raw. My art is finally oozing out at a gentle steady pace. I find myself on my knees again surrendering my arrogance to serve a flow, be the fool, babble, speak, see, create the moment with people or landscape inner or outer. This raw I’m currently in I declare as good, uncomfortable, scary, opening. When I accept the wreckage from my uniqueness as a human, I can see what’s left that I truly am and breathe, create, pray on.

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