Bipolar Gratitude

17 06 2009


In the stillness of this moment my soul is brimming with gratitude.  Over this last month I’ve had the opportunity to create my first blog radio broadcast, and send an email to the Oprah Show (still eagerly anticipating a positive reply).  While walking through this excitement, I’ve been a bit uncentered here and there.  What I have noticed is that ever since I got through writer’s post mortem of OMG my book is published now what, my days have been very bright, even though I have a lot going on, it’s been easier to recenter, find my peace and my next priority and continue on. 

I wish I could wave my magic wand for everyone with bipolar to have a tangible outlet for their creativity.  The 20 years I spent writing re-writing and running from bipolar and my book Living Out of Darkness, I had many dark days, moments, years months etc.  They were filled with doubt, will I ever get it done, will I ever publish, and will anyone ever read it.  I’m finally through that phase and for the past 2 months I’ve been given a vision so strong, it’s ripped me out of my lows and depressions, faster, than anything for quite some time. 

When I was seventeen and recently diagnosed with bipolar, I was empty handed waiting for the taxi to take me home from the sidewalk in front of the mental institute.   Now that I have walked through the hell bipolar has to offer, and used it as fire and ice to create a life beyond my wildest imagination, I have a book.  When I realized the other day that a Smartphone could download books, and that I could take my self published book and make it available to the next curious seventeen year old in the same situation I was, energy shot through me all over again, the burning desire to make a difference, to ease the suffering of the person that follows.

Within a month the next 17 year old could get curious, look up bipolar, and download adventures, experience, and ideas to help if they desire.  I like to call that a Matrix moment.  To be able to sit here on the other end of this journey of embracing bipolar and know that I can offer light at the end of that particular tunnel of life is deeply stilling.  That angst, the anger, the questions, the trials the tribulations, failures, humiliations’, frustrations, of learning the benefits of a bipolar mind have now come full circle, a trail hacked through the jungle of this mind, to lend a hand to the next soul seeking peace with this gift.

Keep the FAITH, Life is Awesome!


“Bipolar, a life enhancement opportunity”

P.S. here is a link to the radio blog show I created with Kevin Touhey on May 27th.

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12 06 2009

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