Purple People Party or R U a 3P?

11 02 2012


Whats a 3P?

Why thank you for asking, every one of us define it differently.

For me;

I’m not all red, I’m not all blue, I’m not all Libertarian and I like a little green with my meat.

I don’t feel represented by government, nor do I feel the need to be, I do love America, and the amazing life I’ve been living and creating.

I don’t like to shoot things, but I do love to eat meat.

I also like knowing I can protect myself from Imperialism, Fascism, Communism, and Socialism, because I do read history, and they seemed like failed experiments for people like me.

I am very generous with my time, energy and money. I follow my heart, passions, intuitive guidance and believe in an abundant universe filled with possibility.

I have no problem giving more to the government each year than most people make, but I don’t like having it taken, and given to people who would rather stay at home use drugs, and take advantage of my forced generosity.

I would rather be able to choose heart felt connected successful projects for helping people become self-supporting thru their own contributions, rather than funding slothful drug careers with free health care.

I do not feel the need to have a military presence everywhere in the world all the time, but I do feel the need for the ability to protect myself, and this amazing opportunity I live in called the UNITED States of America.

I do believe humanity is capable of peace and abundance. I have also experienced people are capable of fear, control, greed, sloth, and disregard of the abundance around us. I believe in the need to proactively create life each day, in order to see/experience first hand the opportunity we are LIVING.

I want to live in an ideal world where all is well; I believe we already do, but some days it feels like I’m 1 in a 100 that is grateful for what we have, sometimes 1 in a million.

So how do I live in a world which is abundant, yet %90 percent of it’s inhabits believe in lack, and act accordingly?

I can’t just rip out my love, intuition, and experience of abundance; did you see the full moon and northern lights?

Did you get to eat today?

Did you get to sleep?

Have a conversation and felt loved?

Were you nurtured or nurturing today?  How did that feel?

Did you feel safe?  Can you feel safe?  Is the fear you feel real; or stimulated by 24/7 365 “news” media owned by entertainment companies selling consumerism advertising?

When I take time each day, to reflect, study positive literature, pray, listen for divine intuition, and act accordingly, things seem to physically feel better inside me, and things go better outside me.

I’m a purple person.  I’m a little red, a little blue, and a little green.

I do try and be a good steward of my environment and not wasteful, and I have a brain.  I know we have abundant untapped resources that we could develop in friendly ways, yet we can also be overprotective and be consumers of energy from other environments which are being destroyed while we drive somewhere, just look at pictures from the Russia oil fields.  I believe in balance.  I believe in using what we already have to the best of our current ability.

All this fear, greed, separation, I feel it physically hurt my heart.

Is it the end of the world, or are we just being called to figure out how to be filled with heart vision inside us, as we walk in the midst of people drunk on their current affiliations/version of fear?

If it is never going to be calm on the outside in our culture than I need to be even more calm and abundant inside.  I know, even if people around me choose to be all stirred up, I don’t have to be, I can just feel the wind on my face, the sun in the sky (or memories of), and the flesh on my body which came from food at some point.

I know I’m going to die, It could be argued breathing causes death eventually for everyone, until than, would you be willing to be purple with me?

Yes there will always (hopefully) be a government, I do like roads, sanitation services, safe food and water, building regulations and roads, and some cops.  We will vote one way or another, the fear factor will go up or down, but in the meantime, would you like to get together for tea or coffee, a passing smile, a moment in the sun, share a breathe of fresh air?

We truly are as free as we allow our minds and hearts to be, even as our bodies, dreams, loved ones, opportunities, life changes, happen; we truly can be as free as we are willing to become, each day, inside.

Dear any and all ascended masters who are listening, please, please, please help us get thru this year as HUMANS with HEARTS.

Love and big hugs,


But seriously George what qualifies you to say all that?

Rural blue collar, trailer trash, intense childhood labor in small family business, poor grades, high school drop out, drug addict, alcoholic, institutionalized, college drop out, homeless for a time, divorced, etc.

But I still wanted to believe in faith and working hard if I could find an open door,

I did.

I’m also, a self-published author and musician, life coach, Certified Trauma Coach, and 14 years into an industrial technician career, 20 plus years clean and sober,

Damn right I believe in the land of OPPORTUNITY, in the UNITED States of America!!!

In other countries I have visited, the likes of me, usually end up, shot, jailed, or menial labor if I survived long enough to be useful.

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