1 07 2012

It’s simple really, just disconnect any source of joy from the world, and receive thru gratitude no matter what.

Hmm, nope not quite right,


It’s simple really, just disconnect any expectation of receiving from “reality”, or my minds current momentary interpretation of what that possibly is,

And focus on gratitude for everything and anything all the time.

I love transmitting/seeing; love, joy, potential, jokes, smiles, encouragement,

It makes my tail wiggle when I receive light in any form back.

I’ve retired from fixin the world.

I’m entiring(new word I just invented) joy.

I see joy as a higher priority action, than fixing/judging/encouraging, pushing the river of the “the world”.

What if the world is?  What if our perception of current suffering and trauma, always has been, and always shall be?

What if a higher universal value is being the stillness long enough in the world, to be in the true joy of your soul’s current emersion?

What if being joy, what ever that currently is for you, sunrise, sunset, movement, music, laughter, gratitude no matter what, is the cure all, and biggest possible tonic you could offer the rest of us, instead of helping healing fixing suffering along with us?

What if we could be passionated?(another new word) Filled with enough joy to see the bigger picture of allowing others to grow through their suffering, inspired by your joy, that you inadvertently helped them more by being joy, than a companion to commensurate with?

Well, anyway, it’s my current motif.

I feel like I’m the pied piper of toys, musical instruments, and human powered modes of transpo.  I’m here to liberate, create, and flow with the fun of being in a soul, currently in earth form otherwise known as human.

Be joy, please, we all need to see it all the time no matter what to inspire us thru our painful illusions of lack, in order to radiate what we really are.

Be Joy,


Thank you


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