Drop In

5 02 2013

Recently I’ve been accused of being a drop out… again.  I get that feedback a lot.  It of course in turn triggers the expected societal shame, anxiety, and internal shut down processes even more.  Even today in the process of writing my new book, I shut down after writing about being accused again of the horrors of dropping out.

Wouldn’t it be so simple if we could just shame and bully people into our dominant viewpoint, they shut down internally, altar their behavior externally, the way in which we believe/desire, and go about our business?

It could be labeled as a behavioral view of world history.

However, my vast insides are far greater then the current limited homogenized viewpoint of societal potential.

I’m actually grateful for all of the bullies in my life, because I’ve spent more time shutdown, shut in, and consequently dropped in to what is more real than the offered delusions and temptations of fulfillment chased after by so many.  I actually see what I’ve “dropped out” of far smaller than what I’ve dropped in to.

What is dropping in?

Short answer:  Being.

Longer answer:  Being and accepting internal intuitive truth, and taking action on direction from within.

Is it really that simple?

Yes and no.

Yes; cultivating a sincere internal atmosphere of contemplation and external action which increases tranquility in daily life is possible, and might even help nudge others towards internal peace.

No, it’s not easy, even though it’s labeled conversely by society as dropping out, etc.

Is it worth it?

Definitely.  Dropping in to who I am, and being able to say yes or no to actions, people, truth, situations; ie LIFE, as it unfolds is a much calmer more enjoyable way to be.

Is it always calm and peaceful?  Nope.

In the beginning for me I was a non-stop anxiety driven neurotic freak show barely learning how to observe and mimic basic societal interactions, let alone study and begin internalizing peace.

Over time, 20 plus years, I gradually discovered split seconds of internal peace, and obsessed about whether or not I could influence another to occur.

Than came more moments, days, years, of deep true peace.  Interrupted of course by life adventures, wanderings, and ego delusions which all need to be worked out in the course of any human life.

Now I still have anxiety and bipolar behavior, but the ratio is reversed.  I have much higher percentage of peace, real true internal peace, separated by brief moments or periods, of extreme anxiety.

Dropping in; it’s slow, gradual, and highly nutritious for ones soul.



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