Beach Notes

14 11 2014

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I’ll admit it. I’ve been struggling a bit lately. Okay, a lot for a while now. I’m pissed too because all my go to surefire methods of organic mental relief have been, well, misfiring at best, and I just get even more moody. I’ve rebooted daily routine, some relief but not the usual.

Fortunately my current eating/weight/loss method doesn’t require a lot of exercise so I do it for fun and this has allowed my inner slacker to kick back a bit more at the beach, even got a new comfy chair. Anyway, I felt words the other day finally permeate the depths…”George, where do you live?”..?.. “what do you live in?”… in a house…         ” bigger, you live in a naturally occurring bipolar environment”…oh…”night/day winter/summer tasty/not…”… You mean it’s okay for mental___compost?…” yes George this too shall pass”

Attempted Sanity

9 11 2014





I’m accusing myself of attempted sanity. No really i’m feeling a bit of sanity and calm lurking around the edges as the lasts wisps of a recent cloud wraiths away. No compulsive urges to immediately do this be that judge, etc usual mind dribble. Mind? Where is my mind, oops no please don’t wake it up. Tip toe, enjoy the day!


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