Winter Routine

24 12 2013

Crisp crunch slip sip dry crackle aghWinterRoutines

Night sky cold cheek breathe fog

Option A) snuggle eat hibernate veg watch the movie watch me sleep, ?spring already?


Exit plan

Option B)  routine routine routine

Sweat draw read talk walk in ahh create an intention bigger than temporary internal no wannas.

Anyone who has ever lived above the Arctic circle knows this.  Period.  It’s no secret.  Winter, bears have it.  Eat, cave, sleep.  It’s amazing how far we haven’t really drifted from animal, ok it’s amazing how far I haven’t drifted from animal behavior.  It’s winter stupid my body says, eat, sleep, stay warm, sleep.  duh???, oh and look at the pretty lights telling stories that I can change with this little plastic thinging as long as my thumb is able to push the button.

screeeeeeech.  NOpe, no wanna, me stay positive and exercise this winter, I wanna feel light and have energy again, so it’s crunch time.  sweat sweat sweat.

Not only is exercise needed for my letting go of emotions and anxiety stored up in my body fat, it helps stabilize current stress, and relieve past anxieties when they re-surface.

I can fight the weather hopelessly, or come up with a gentle healthy routine, and find a reason bigger them my ugh, to keep at it.

It’s my choice will I let this winter engulf me, or will I use it as a focussed intention opportunity.


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