Choose Calm, Please.

8 09 2013

Let us choose and practice calm this week, please.  ECalmverlasting peace, may or may not be possible, but I know from the dark side of internal hell, that practicing calm inside out, in spite of current external insanity, that choosing calm, again and again inside, can lead to calm outside, and even help transform a life.

Can we as individuals in a country choose to be the calm ones this week?  I know fun, celebration, and creativity are all great and a part of life, but just this week, could we celebrate internally calm instead?

When I travel, can I chose to tolerate irritability, and release when the situation passes, instead of escalate, and never forget.

When I interact with my coworkers and boss, can I accept my role on a team to complete a task from which I’ll receive food and shelter for a day, instead of get caught up in the current pettiness which will soon be forgotten next week.  When I have a moment to catch my internal breathe and renew, can I enjoy the current scenery i’m closest too, instead of dwell in anger, irritation, or harder work to get where?

Can that which I help create and enjoy today, be enough to bring calm in to me, rather than obsess about that which I currently think I need to feel the illusion of safe forever.

Can I be the calm in the room/situation/conversation?  Can I offer a little extra calm, to humans, in all walks of life/position/power/age/affiliation, in Syria this week?

Can we as humans, choose a little more calm, a little less fear this week?

Is it possible for us to avert more violence, with less internal aggression?

Calm, please… 

george denslow

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