Compassion Renewal

21 11 2010

1) I am a source, not the source of compassion on planet earth.
2) If I am not the only source of compassion, who/what is my source of compassion?
3) What is my current level of compassion for me?
4) If my current level of compassion is low, what is my favorite 10min activity for reconnecting with compassion I can do be right now?
5) If my compassion is overflowing, what is my favorite activity for sharing which allows me to feel even more light?
6) Is it ok to be empty?
7) Is it ok to renew myself?
8) Am I aware of what empties me?
9) Am I able to let go of that which empties me, whether it is job, person, place or thing?
10)If I feel stuck with an emptying source, and wish to create a new reality, is it possible for me to believe in the options available to me?
11)Is it possible for me to be compassionate for myself and others, as I change/grow/heal/renew, even if those I love and care for professionally and or family chose not to?
12)Is it possible for me to accept that good things can come of me allowing myself to heal and renew, and it might even help those I worry about?
13)Is it possible for me to renew my compassion on a regular basis, and be even better at what it is I love to do, and even feel energized, because I can simply learn to let go, let a bigger source than me takeover, and yet still enjoy being what I be/do best?
14)What if my continual connection and renewal and letting go in me, allows me to create a deep feeling of caring/compassion/strength in me, which not only serves me, but it serves those I worry about the most even more?
15)What if draining myself of compassion into empty experiences I am unable to renew myself with is actually allowing negativity to expand?
16)What if allowing myself renewal and letting go, actually allows situations to get better because I am no longer a single source of help and compassion?
17)What if my active letting go, and taking care of myself, is actually a new beginning for others, to discover within themselves active sources of compassion within, even if they need to find it in the dark night of their soul first?

Writing what I need to hear,

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