a Monday Happy

31 08 2009

Why are you so happy George?  What could possibly be so good about a Monday morning?  I’m ecstatic, calmly mellowly, ecstatic.  I got up and did my daily routine, “Hey guess what I’m bipolar, so what look at all the good things I can do right now to go in a positive direction today”  pg 96 Living Out Of Darkness.

Today I wave my magic wand and wish everyone that wanted to experience a positive moment in bipolar to enjoy this peaceful bliss, unrelated to any events around me.  Because our interior events can be so contrary to exterior events, over time it can become a freedom.  Much stigmatism and media drama is attached to negative blow outs of bipolar people.  This is unfortunate because there are numerous other moments, people, experiences in/with bipolar that are pleasant, functional, and actually quite useful and productive.  Because I tackled my distractions, moodiness and negative trend that I was on last week, I’m currently on a gradual up swing.  I’m not running around naked or dancing in the fountains(ok once when I was in college, self-medication may have been a contributing factor), I am pleasantly enjoying a day.

It just happens to be Monday.  So What.  I got up, I did my daily routine, and there was no backlog of unresolved issues from yesterday to deal with.  So the positive energy and connection with spirit I generated this morning carried through in my first interactions with people today.  The weather is horrid, yet I’m sunny inside.  I’ve found this to be true many times.  My interior attitude can often be opposite of apparent circumstances.  I’ve been happy when I’m broke and sad when I’m rich and it’s sunny.

If I chose to be positive, it is easy to nudge myself in this direction, over time, over years, with patience, my muscles to be happy have strengthened.  When I’m done with being negative, unhappy, stressed, avoiding life(Which I’m excellent at by the way), then I can move on gently quietly and happily.  No big news flash, just quietly enjoying the deep calm which is available at times with bipolar today.

Happy Hugs



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