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22 04 2010

“How might you find deeper peace by seeing the world through innocent eyes?” Alan Cohen.  A Daily Dose of Sanity. April 22

I’m not the only geek on site this week and it’s kinda cool.  After reading Alan’s passage today about the simplicity of life and how it might be easier to enjoy with less intellectual ability, I looked at the flip side.  Us geeks can get so lost into the complexity of technology, specifications, our three letter techno speek language etc.  That we totally lose touch/interest in the latest greatest social protocols.  I actually like geek world.  Believe it or not every time I create or repair dial tone or internet connection in a place that it didn’t previously exist, my geek tail wags.

When I observed the other geek at the break table this week, I noticed the others reaction to his 4mm spec custom safety glasses proper alignment of the color coded pens in his pocket for drawing redlines, and mannerism’s in language, it was so freeing.  What’s also cool about this geek is that he has made his own way into the “cool” crowd.  He plays poker with them, studied up, and actually won a shiny new safety jacket off of one of the rough and tough laborers.  He even got his current nickname(Bulldog, although word on the street is he’s trying to switch it to Cobra) put on the jacket, and yet he remains a full-blown geek with intelligence beyond my imagination.

The magic we all take for granted in being able to communicate through technology in a way is an innocent world within itself.   Because so many discoveries by geeks have been developed over so many years, it’s impossible to know it all and new discoveries can be made every day.  Like for example how exactly does the letter A get from me pressing the A key showing up on my screen thru the internet to yours.  I could put you to sleep in 5 minutes or less describing how cool I think it is that geeks figure out how to even get it from my key board to screen much less all the way to yours.

My point in all of this is, wonder and innocence can be found easily in our little worlds.  I saw my sister, a big brain CPA type, get excited about numbers once.  I have electrician buddies that I swear they grin everytime they turn on a new light switch in a room that was previously dark before they began.  They even have a saying, God said let their be light, and then the electricians showed up and made it so.

Passion, wonder and fun are easy and an exciting opportunity to find, and get found in.

When I allow myself to be in the wonder of my technical field, I lose interest in all the politics/policies and mental gymnastics of corporate and coworker busyness.  This allows me to be in a deeper peace while I work/play pending my current level of discovery/enthusiasm.

When I allow myself to be my full geekness, inspite of negative blow back in social settings, I am allowing others permission to be their inner passions more openly.

If you can read this in any other location than my laptop, smile at a geek, it will make our day/week.

From my mobile communications interface unit(laptop),

This is GEO

Signing off. ; )


12 11 2009

Wow, I get to be in Geek School and learn all about how information gets from one person’s laptop to another.  Holy Cow, bat man this is fun, look when I type this here it does this, wow.

aaa, george.  excuse me George, yeah, aaa, what???

I was anti-enthusiastic when I got up this morning to go to a class in geek world(those of us who figure out how to make geek toys work, get together and study ….oh never mind), I’d be happy to explain further but I can tell everyone’s eyes are at half mast and the attention span never was.

Which is why I made a decision today about 1/2 hour into my class to get into it. I’m not actually sure if this was a conscious decision or a healthy pattern.  I didn’t notice I had become enthusiastic until my lab partner couldn’t contain it anymore and burst out laughing.  I asked him is everything ok, did you miss something did you want to go through the exercise again??

No he said, “How come you are so enthusiastic and excited about a * instead of a # showing up on the prompt”

Not realizing my external audio circuit(mouth) was still on I said, “ya gotta celebrate the little victories, my forehead used to be round until I pounded it flat on keyboards trying to make geek world work…”

Realizing I was now confirming his opinion that I had indeed lost it in his presence and I was now officially part of the Borg(Star Trek(major geek movie reference)), I was fortunately able to run into the control room in my brian and turn off the mouth.   Whew, that was a close one.

Deep, dark depression, ugly moments/years, between my ears, have lead me to celebrate with great enthusiasm the smallest victories in my life.

When I had a head/bookshelves/backpacks, full of positive practical metaphysical thoughts, and little or no results, the positive side of me learned to become very patient, and celebratory when positive thoughts or experiences would emerge.

It’s kinda weird just like sometimes my external audio circuit(my mouth) will turn on by accident and confuse people, sometimes my face detaches.  I can walk around with a frown on my face and actually be happy, or so focussed on trying to being happy, I’m unaware of being unhappy.  When I had a ratio of more dark to light thoughts, as best I could I dwelled on the positive ones.  I could walk through really boring or dramatic times, and be totally focussed on the occasional positive thought or positive spiritual technique I could attempt next time I was willing.

Enthusiasm  has become a very powerful ally for me in my life with bipolar.  My first thoughts in the morning, and a healthy daily routine are not always light and willing.  Yet, when I allow myself to discover something silly or inane to get excited about, it can open up unexpected joyful days.  Enthusiasm’s biggest ally I’ve discovered, is my happy inner kiddo.  When I give myself permission to get excited and goofy in boring situations, my imagination can light up a room or a task in a heartbeat.

Today, I am grateful for all the dark years with bipolar, because I learned patience, enthusiasm, and deep gratitude for the little things in life, especially when they go better then expected.

OOOPS!  I almost forgot,  My iphone ap is done!!! And it’s availible for download through the ap store, aaaandd.  I have press releases coming out.

I have all the links on my webpage

May your evening be filled with a deep serenity of a day well lived.


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