17 11 2009

I’m happy excited moving through lots of energy and projects, and my radar tweaks a bit.  It says funky energy alert.  Funky energy alert?  Yep.  Coming from a past of no clear boundaries or definition of, and being an empath(new word I’m discovering and adding to my vocab), it is at first an uncomfortable feeling.  It took years to discover what boundaries were, much less clear ones, how to set, defend, and maintain.  After having them for awhile it took awhile to understand how they can be a little bit flexible.


As I was driving from one location to another(I love driving/thinking/jamming out to current groove which blends uplifts current state of mind), I was feeling uncomfortable.

When I realized it was an interaction with someone that didn’t feel right ie:  Seeing one thing, feeling/hearing another, I realized a boundary that I haven’t had to defend or interact with in quite awhile was being tested.

I like being generous, open, happy, in the flow, I don’t like being taking advantage of-or more importantly allowing others to take advantage of me.  Just because I like being friendly doesn’t mean there is a walk all over me bumpersticker on my forehead anymore.

So when I realized what was happening, that I had allowed someone’s energy to invade my own a little bit, I spontaneously starting BARKING.


uh, George, would you mind explaining that a little bit.


My first language was dog.  I learned to communicate fluent dog, before I ever understood what humans were screaming about all the time.

So like dogs, when another one got to close, I started barking.  A warning back off bark.  It’s ok I was alone in my truck miles from anywhere, and having fun.  I barked, woofed, laughed and barked some more.  Anytime that person’s energy or thoughts came up, I barked again.  By the time my drive was over, I was dancing groovin flowing, and went on with my day like nothing happened.

Learning how to become aware of our personal space/energy/minds, and how to create a feeling of safety, in order to express who we are is a biggie, especially for me.

Barking was my tool for the day, in feeling safe with my bipolar experience.  Instead of feeling a happy functional high crash hard, because I wasn’t feeling safe, I was able to energetically protect myself, get back in my own center of energy, and groove on with a happy flow.



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