Choosing Sanity

2 02 2016

?me, choose sanity?? but but i’m working up a good crazy here why would I calm down and choose sanity???

Yesterday I had a mini blow out at work. The preverbal help request call came from an offsite location for a type of instrument I haven’t worked on much which means learning curve yet I was covering an entirely different position because we have two people on a 6 position crew out on medical. And as usual management doesn’t back fill, and oil prices are low I don’t want to rock the boat, no no I can do it all yes sir no sir, 3rd shift in a row i’m in ops instead maintenance and BING!

My brain melts. I”m all about crisis management, it’s what I grew up in, how my brain developed, etc. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.


Fortunately, for many many years, I’ve been studying, and carefully practicing, applying;
… a very foreign concept at first.


YES, HELL YES…saner, yes please, thank you, breathe.

So I had my mini melt down, turned over my second set of job duties and went back to my regular job duties to begin catching up on the huge backlog.

and of course my brain decides i’m a horrible person because i’m not superman and can’t do everything because …..snip.

Finally, a calm inner voice of sanity kicks in.

Good Job George, you chose sanity today.

but but it didn’t feel sane when I did it. It was messy and uncomfortable.

yes, well your normal is crazy, and sanity sometimes feels really weird.

yet it happened. and hey guess what? today i am feeling calmer and more functional and not doing a crappy job covering two positions and quickly escalating to a bigger blow out.


You mean it is ok to back off and choose sanity?




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