Goofy Gratitude

27 11 2015

IMG_6587A while back I strode into a bicycle store with the intention of acquiring a practical bike I had been obsessively researching online. I wished to have gears to take advantage of occasional tail winds and gentle hills for riding to and from the local market. As all good plans seem to evade me I open the store door and giggled. Next thing I knew I was astride a completely goofy unnecessary impractical bike. Thankfully my logical brain took over and acquired a practical bike and went about my business.

In cleaning out a garage closet this weekend, I giggled again. Somehow the practical bike, in pristine condition except for the copious amounts of dust, slightly dissembled, had been carefully and logically placed in a closet out of the way several years ago. Because I ride the goofy bike that makes me laugh every time I ride it, I think i’m really cool, and people smile.

Yup, I usefully purchased the practical bike, and left it in a closet, and have riden a thousand memories on the fun bike. Blew out a tire, soaked in salt water, mud and sand, taken it all over the state camping oh yeah!

I am grateful for all the amusing goofy bipolar people on this planet. You make me smile, and encourage me to seek amusement in all things.



One response

27 11 2015

When I do goofy things my daughter just says “I love you mom”. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m glad your bike makes you happy.

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