Relaxed Opportunities

13 12 2014

IMG_5638I used to have huge dry mark boards that covered the walls in my office. Over the years something surprising has happened. The boards get smaller and smaller. I’m not sure if it’s my attention span has shrunk even more or if I’ve gotten more focused or what, but it seems to work. I’ll journal all the rabble thats on my brain but then I get a little bit realistic about what am I most likely actually to do today and then I make that the core focus of the day. I let all the other tasks worry about themselves. I have a very small dry mark board on my fridge to write whatever IT is. It’s usually either that which I am most anxious about getting done so I can calm down a bit, or most excited about accomplishing next. Whatever I feel is the current soul thread. I usually get it done. Here is the twist, instead of having huge dry mark boards, long to do lists, and tons of extra worry or anxiety, I have a small focus, and along the way opportunities present themselves to get a lot of the less important tasks completed. If I don’t pressure my brain to get it all done all the time, it’s amazing how much I can flow thru with less worry, and be present for moments like this one.



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