Bipolar Thank YOu

25 05 2014

Work takes me to places where no human resource, counselors, life couches, coffee houses, “normal” life after work activities, communities exist, yet friends, coworkers, production quotas, schedules, and industry exists.

photoYes, I have a “day” job. Yes I have a soul job.

Bipolar- Dis-order- is an unintegrated, untrained, unfamiliar organic shaman, – with horrific, heartbreaking results, at times.

Bipolar Order – ancient genetic tradition of being there, allows unspoken, common, everyday unexpected unexplained upliftment

How else can I describe it?

Bipolar is a duality gift. Unmedicated, organic bipolar, is an ever fascinating, agonizing, fulfilling journey inward/outward, expanding.

Big thing though, in the midst of it all, I cannot deny a calling, to be present on tap, irregardless of whatever current internal personal mental drama exists. I used to self identify with trying to be there for everyone, everything, “ON”, all the time, what a colossal burn out, I became/am at times, was.

So I don’t seek out “shamanic” duties anymore. But when they present themselves, I allow. It seems to work out better that way. Listening for the energy flow of genuine need to assist a fellow traveler, rather than needlessly interject before time is ripe.  Words not always needed or required.

Part of my exhaustion stems, from work, part from human services rendered. I am grateful.

I am also extremely grateful to be back in my cave/personally designed asylum/ and bubble thru the layers of raw.

If you are a bipolar person. If you choose consciously or not to be of service to people in existential need, thank you. Thank you from all of us receiving the benefit, of your natural genetic gift, to see, know, and be present for real moments between souls in need.



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