Slow Heal

9 03 2014

ImageTrust Time.  Emotional erosion of unwanted angst drifts slowly sometimes.  There are easily forgivable transgressions, and those that require faith and letting go.  There are also items, which I’ve just never been able to forgive.   Granted they are an indicator of an unwillingness to forgive myself, etc.

I ignore them, because time has always been an ally in healing.  The twist and turns in life deposited me near the ocean in a climate mostly warm and sunny, THANK YOU GOD.    Financially I was locked down about the same time.  Instead of drifting to the next thing/flavor of the moment/ hair-brained idea, I hunkered down, and let the internal demons have their way.  They lost.  I’ve been physically stable for 6 years now, and wow.  Time heals, without a doubt.  Everyones sensitivities, perceptions, wounds, healing opportunities are different.  Some people can shake off horror stories and move on down the road, some people are lost over a stubbed toe.  Some people get really messed up.

The longer I allow gentle emotional healing, by doing my best not to disrupt my life or continuously muddy the waters, clarity and original innocence/intentions, have a way of re-emerging.  Gentle soul time, simplicity, letting go, being as mellow as I can when ever I can dwell in it a bit longer, heal.  At first I was always anxious to move and do and be the “next” thing to Git R Done.  For 6 years now, during my time off, I’ve dwelled in gentle soul time as much as my inner neurosis allows and wow.  Time heals.


Breathe, sit, sip, soul time.  Heal.



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