Comfort Less

5 03 2014

ImageIf easy than cruise.  If insides, bubble big dreams, than comfort less.  I recently scared the holy crap out of myself again.  Completely unnecessary for my daily survival, vital for linear, big passion growth.  It never ceases to amaze me, each time I take a huge leap of faith into big dream risk growth vision, the usual cast of inner demons arrive to rip me to pieces.  This time I was ready.  I expected, and tricked them.  Instead of prepping for a leap by doing all the “right things”, I simply made an appointment, and got comfy.  Sat on my couch, munched to my emotions content, and employed every sneaky distraction technique my monsters have shown me.

When departure time arrived, regardless of loud internal track of how useless and stupid I was,  I strapped on a pair of big boy pants, and made it happen.

Two days in a professional recording studio to finally capture my book, in a high quality audio environment.


I’ve performed music on stage, and recorded an album, my previous most scary artistic experience.

But arriving at a studio, being situated in a closed recording booth, a stranger in my ear, and reading my book,  aaaaaaaagh!!!

talk about a monster rich environment, red meat for the “abolish George’s self-esteem/worth committee”.


what a relief.  I did it.  finally.  After 6 years of wanting, running to and from, i did it.

A first draft of my Living Out of Darkness book audio recording is done!

Comfort?!!!!  What comfort?

Thank God for dreams that scare the inner crap OUT, of us.

Thank God for creative drives that keep us going, no matter what.

thank god for couches, movies, and comfort zones for improper prep, and demon containment.




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