Headmate Therapy

26 02 2014


(not recommended), yet undeniable.

I used to complain about my roommates at work, until I was quietly reminded that wasn’t possible.

hmmph.  FI?NE, it’s my headmates fault.  There I said it.  Anyone else have to deal with headmates?

You know, the healthy one, “it’s time to sweat,”

Or, hey, I know where the last piece of chocolate is.headmates

Not all headmates are evil or healthy, some are interesting, worth listening to etc.

My favorite headmate, is the gentle one.  He likes gears.  He always helps me find a gentle slower gear, yet encourages me to continue, no matter what, even when the messy diaper baby shows up and cries me no wanna.

Fat lazy self is convinced I’ll be a couch pig forever.

gentle one, waits till after a show, tricks me to stand up, and once in  motion jams an image of bike riding on my head screen, and off I go.

Then I’m really in trouble, because,

oh yes there is more.

Than the JERK, kicks in and eggs gentle one on to keep pedaling because eventually the body will warm up creaks will go away, and a smell, a site, discovery, idea, shiny object in any form, will kick in,

ADD boy, and oh wow, I’m on a bike, it’s sunny I’m outside, what this thingy?  twist, hey I’m going faster,   WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!



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