Trust Time

25 02 2014

ImageBipolar is a now moment.  Trust Time.  Bipolar Dis-order has a lot to do with time, the insanity of and the healing in.  I’ve gotten into a lot of crap in life with bipolar dis-order.  Patience and time, has helped me to sort it out, and see the benefits OF, bipolar.

In a blizzard, -30F, the other day, a simple drive to another remote location to fix a communication line, I remembered a lesson an old fart told me the last time he had to pull my truck out of a ditch, “because” of a blizzard.

He said, “George, the truck don’t get stuck.  The truck don’t get lost, you’re the idiot driving it.  Blizzards aren’t a constant.  Just stop, wait a bit, it’ll clear, and drive forward a bit.  You’ll git thru it, just don’t rush it.”

Where we were standing while his crew was hooking up to my truck to pull it out, was clear and sunny.  The only evidence of the “blizzard”, was the majestic wind blown snow.

24 hours earlier, I’d driven off the road and spent 2 hours trying to dig it out because I didn’t want to ask for help, or fill out all the paperwork.

I lost my way, in a blizzard, yet if I’d stopped, and patiently only gone forward when the way was clear, then I would have been ok.

I don’t know about your bipolar experience, but mine kicks up blizzards quite a bit from time to time.   I get all spun up about some injustice, and take action, seemingly right at the time.  Not sure what the average of actual change is, but I am effective on occasion, and I gain experience on how to deal with the fall out as well.

Yep, I kicked up a bipolar blizzard again at work, and now I’m patiently waiting for a moment of clarity to move forward again.




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