Cried Creations

31 10 2013

There are things I’ve tried, achieved, failed, assumed, done again and again.  There are walls created destroyed, themes thought and passed.  But the deepest treasures, are cried creations.

I’ve been on an extended vacation, no plans, just home.  Drifted thru layers of artificial fears, anxieties, family turbulence, fluttered, flustered, and somehow mistakenly arrived at a deep soul peace again.Home 2

Drip, Drip, Drip.  Inside.  Inside everything is a place.  I used to assume everyone knew, and was on a common path/goal to be in this culture place of peace.

I now know, we all are, but at vastly different stages of the journey.  Different paths, places, directions too and from peace.

I’ve surrendered once again, to the stillness that is inevitable, when I gently listen and follow the inner compass that relaxes the body, opens the intuition deeper, breathes the deep peace.

I surrender again to the world as it is, as I begin preparing to re-enter the work place flow.

I forgive again, for not seeing big picture, or accepting unknown, unbelieved highest good unfolding, when I follow the moment as I am willing.

We are all healing in our own way in time.  Our bodies may or not, but our souls are healing.

It was always easy for me to chose and be a dark path.  A drunk, drug addict, mean sarcastic person.  Thank God, others chose to make that path difficult for me.  Thank God, I came to an emptiness inside that led me to an undeniable choice to choose somehow to find a way out of the hell I had created, again and again.

Peace is possible, I know this, because in this moment, I feel it, inside out, again.




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