Soul God

14 11 2011

“Clear your energy, Honor your rhythm, Live your vision.”  George Denslow, Living Out of Darkness.

Words.  I’ve been anti-words lately.  But they keep jumping into my head so this is an attempt to raddle some of them out and make more space to be.  Yup, just be.  It’s not a very active hobby but I must admit it is my favorite for the last couple of years.

First the war ended between my ears by finally accepting and allowing who I really am to be ok with me; A gentle, creative, intuitive, visionary, solo, contemplative lover of stillness, joy, and chillin out.

And then the strangest most unexpected thing happened.  I finally broke free of the mis-identity/diagnosis of bipolar.  Nope.  Not crazy.  Just real.  I’m a very real person, with little or no tolerance for bullshit, and high capacity to see energy and potential.  With an incredible skill set to interact and gently encourage people to live in and become their dreams if at all possible.

I quietly tackle the problem of International Relations, by focusing on internal relations.  Working on my own in the private undocumented sector, one person at a time, beginning with becoming who I really am first.

Of course you place a highly intuitive creative empathetic visionary in a crazy dysfunctional environment long enough.  We are going to blow out, be labeled, controlled, medicated, and homogenized if at all possible.

I’ve since learned/been blessed with a year of incredible conversations with a psychiatrist, one that I wasn’t legally forced to interact with or pay to go see.   How bizarre is that right?  20 plus years after being locked up by a shrink, and 20 years of finding my way back out, a friendship emerges from the same profession, to help me be released, internally, from what was obviously an attempt to control my reaction to prolonged stress, rather than an understanding of how a person such as myself could end up in such a predicament.

I should probably stop writing now, but once I’m on a truth roll, well, the rest is well documented.  Turns out, it’s easier for the medical/insurance/medication industry complex, to quickly diagnose a person as bipolar, and get someone on medication rather than to explore other possibilities.

Thank God, I was so ornery as to refuse meds, and find my own organic way out, even though it took many years.

Basically.  Here’s the deal.  Yes, there may be real bipolar people, who could benefit from professional conscious psychiatrists.  No, not all people diagnosed with bipolar, even though they are currently displaying bipolar behaviors, need to be permanently labeled as such.

If your professional help, is willing to explore the possibility of your own recovery from the inside out.  I highly recommend my book, Living Out of Darkness.  It’s available at Amazon,  as an itunes ap, through kindle, nook, etc.

Oh, back to the title.

Soul-the true source of your uniquetivity.

Uniquetivity-where your creativity, and only that which you can do meet.

God-the envelope in which your soul exists.

Soul God-the quickest most visceral interaction with God you can have, is thru your soul.

More later,

Feels good to let words splatter on the screen again.

Much love,




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