Fishbowl Wiggle

1 05 2011

Wiggle more.  Please burn or shred your script (preordained audio output files) today.

The society fishbowl we are in may be bigger than you think.  It has always puzzled me how easily it is to poke thru the invisible seemingly solid societal conformational barriers, and observe how grateful people are for the entertainment, yet unwilling to expose their non conformity and seeming contentment with masks/homogenized distractions (TV)(media)/and role (family/work) scripts.

Nope, not talking about major disruptions. I’m looking at creativity in your day, you’re everyday, is it truly satisfying to live in a rerun, or is it more satisfying to create/observe alternate perspective?

Wonderment/goofiness/warped perspectives, sharing the inner dares, while fulfilling societal role obligations, not causing harm, and providing ones food and shelter is possible.


As I woke today and was going thru my morning routine of listening in for soul expression, I overheard the TV’s, in co-workers rooms (the walls are thin)(I hope my meditating didn’t affect the TV. vibe too bad).

As I walked across the yard the pink before sunrise on the clouds above the mountains created pause, as I stood and took in the 360-degree mountain valley I work in, the cool fresh metallic after snow air filled my lungs, I’m grateful to be alive.

30 min later, morning shift change, I’m in a room full of people many of which got up and turned on the TV, and hurried across the yard.  Wow!

We both, woke and went to work.  I’m feeling relaxed and connected, the person next to me is upset about some detail from a big fancy wedding that happened somewhere on the planet.  ???

I walk across the yard to my shop to begin the days work, and once again am struck by the majesty of this valley and the sun beginning to work it’s way down the mountains while I hear the crunch of fresh snow beneath my boots, I’ve purged the morning meeting from my day and have relaxed again into the moment.

Two people, same day, same options, different outcomes.

This has always puzzled me, the pull to stay in the societal obligation concern flow, verses experiencing what is happening inside, and in ones local physical environment.





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