28 04 2011

“You don’t have to be delusional to be happy, but sometimes it helps.”  George Denslow

As I stepped on to the plane in Atlanta there was a distinct familiar odor permeating the cabin, but I didn’t see any fishing boats nearby.  Soon I had a new item to add to my virtual travel delay log.  “We had fish in the cargo bay of the plane, we were waiting for it to air out a bit.”  Ouch, I thought thank God my 45 minute delay was playing musical gate chase in the airport getting some unplanned but much needed exercise, rather sitting in a metal tube on a hot runway with the sardines below my feet.  It’s the little things I like to pay attention to for building and being in my buoyancy.

45 min after my next flight had already left, Minneapolis while riding late at night in the Le Barage? Hotel shuttle (very nice hotel near the airport) I was joking with a fellow weary passenger until he starting grinning and relaxing.  Turns out, his heritage was from northern Italy so I started saying yes sir/no sir so as not to offend any of his cousins from Jersey.  He assured me that only happened in Hollywood.

(the inner grump would like to pause and say, where’s the GRUMP?)

He was unaccounted for.  Why?  I LOVE DETOURS!  My inner Rage-aholic in the not too distant pass could have easily come out to play and ripped a you know what with the airlines, but really?  Really? Would it have altered the outcome in any positive direction?

I’m only halfway across the country on my way to work; it’s way too soon for Mr. A with psychic guns on my hips to show.  But stay tuned, I’ve got three hops to go, hey wait a minute, I’ll be setting a new personal record for number of hops from Florida to Alaska, AWESOME!

The room was clean and spacious the pool was delightful, and now a mid afternoon flight, with a complimentary first class upgrade, AND I’M going to VEGAS Baby!  I don’t think I’ve ever been, I’m feeling so good I’ll even play the slots.

Nope, no drama King rehearsals running around in my head to bore people with, and dang it I could have gotten mileage for years out of this trip!

As I soar above the clouds leaving Minnesota, I’m so grateful for all the crap I’ve walked my mind thru from the inside out, because detours like this are now a fun unexpected interlude of life.

Happy Spring,

I’ll sign off with my all time favorite most fluent language skills,


p.s. please don’t tell my boss why I had to call in sick today ;  )

update: no luck in Vegas, I guess I’ll continue on to work.



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