Pace Reset

25 04 2011

“Clear your energy, honor your rhythm, live your vision,”  George Denslow, Living Out of Darkness, pg 51

I’ve been a happy ADD dog on mushrooms (figuratively) paddling all over the surface of my life enjoying an incredible set of fun waves.  Today, after a week of being very slow, and reintroducing calm to my system, I re-discovered why I needed to slow up a bit.

My mind has been giving me loads of shit, its spring do this do that go here go there don’t miss anything!!!

My soul has been gently coaxing me to relax, listen, allow, and in the process resetting the core.

When I finally got the inner green light to go play with my kayak today, I realized the genius of resetting my pace.  Instead of rush rush out the door figure it out later Walmart sells anything, I calmly took the time to be prepared, this preparation allowed me to spend more time (no trips needed to stores for forgotten items), and less anxiety (because I remembered to collect numbers in my phone ahead of time in case I got distracted and was late).

When I was out on the water, and had enjoyed drifting in the wind for a while, I listened again; it was time to go in, instead of making a mega adventure out of it.  What I didn’t realize till I got back to my van, was that the sun is friggin hot this time of year, and any longer could have been very exhausting.

This is all evidence for me of how important it is to allow myself to be gentle and slow down from time to time in order to let my inner guidance catch up with the go go go part of me.

Is there anything you need to speed up, slow down, or listen to inside of you today?





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