Soul 10

22 04 2011

I was flying all night back to Alaska for a two week work shift at a remote worksite, the parting at the Airport with my fiancé’ was an incomplete silence, and exhaustion.  We were remodeling, moving, and arguing our way thru the next layers of crap in our relationship.  My work shift ahead didn’t look any easier, we were dealing with 200 plus construction workers on a site they could safely deal with 70 on a busy day, add to that my work load of taking care of the electronic communications needs of 150, had gone to 600 people, and 45 miles of dangerous remote Alaska road between the worksites,  my 16 plus hour daze were brutal.

It was during this insane stretch of life, I learned my most effective technique ever.  The value of 10 minutes.   My primary go-all in my life for 20 years had been to somehow capture in a book my holistic unmedicated journey with bipolar, and I was doing it.  10 minutes at a time.  I made an agreement with soul, instead of hoping or wishing for my insane life to cough up an extra hour, willingness, and extra energy to create, I took matters into my own hands and chose to invest 10 minutes a day, thinking, staring, writing, editing or somehow interacting with my dream.  And I did.  I literally completed the manuscript in an all night airport café I usually slept in after 12 hours of flying to Alaska.  I completed a passionate project in spite of the insanity in my life.  By chewing on it for 10 minutes a day.

The relationship evaporated, the job calmed down, and when I did publish the book it didn’t become a best seller.  So what.  What I gained was Soul 10.  What I have continued is interviewing my soul on a regular basis.  I ask my soul, what is the most important visceral sense I need to create or experience next in my life?  Why am I here, and what is next? When I haven’t known, I’ve just sat still for 10 minutes a day until I feel excitement and fear, then I figure out some way of interacting with it, even if it’s just staring at a picture of it off the internet until I can do more with it.  This Soul 10 has led me into an inner life of joy and peace, and an ecstatic outer life, I’m even jealous of.  It is my most important and vital practice.  10 minutes a day with my soul, gives me a stillness and buoyancy in my life which antidotes the contrast and accentuates the joy.

Here is the secret:  If I’m willing to allow myself ten minutes of meaningful connection with who I really am a day, I get hooked want more, let go of what isn’t necessary or vital, and begin living and creating a life which is full of connection.  If I don’t know and don’t nurture the seeds of my future, they don’t happen.  If I allow this soul in me to live, I become engulfed in a cocoon of activities and people which are mutually fulfilling.  My gas tank of joy fills and overflows, and sparks are frequent.  That which doesn’t spark the joy and peace evaporates.





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