It’s Time.

13 03 2011

Welcome to a new chapter of my life.  When in doubt, emptiness, or ???, renew.  My fav way of renewing.  Maui.  Retreat.  Have fun.

What erupted from my emptiness was the need to spend time with my guitar.  I’ve always heard music ripping thru me, and always believed I wasn’t a good singer and it was too late to go for being a rock star anyway.

Who cares.

Old story, flip it, empty it, New Story.

My method of commitment to my soul is 10 min a day.

Same way I wrote my book.  10 min a day.  If my inner critic was giving me crap, I would edit.  If I was feeling the passion I would throw words on the wall and see what stuck.

If I was too far gone to care, I would open up my laptop and stare at the screen thinking about my dreams to the best of my abilities to make a connection with my current vision and keep the timeslot open in my day.

This is my declaration for my music too emerge.

10 mins a day.

Touch guitar, look at guitar, and play.

Here is the cool thing about soul time.  Yes new word maybe real name for blog.  Sometimes I forget it’s only ten minutes and I get lost in the creative flow and dance with my soul.  Wow, what a rush those moments are.  It’s amazing how my priorities reorganize myself when I take time to erupt with my soul, and allow dwell.

10 min with my current visions, can renew the inner me for the rest of my day NO MATTER what is happening.

Are YOU ready for your soul to emerge?

What is your current vision or passion?

Stop reading, go do it for 10.

Still here?  Put one hand on your heart.  One hand on your belly, and silently breathe for 1 min.

Now get up and trust the first thing you WANT to do

; )




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