Gentle Souls

23 01 2011

I’ve been reading an excellent book lately titled; Indigo Adults, by Kabir Jaffe & Ritama Davidson.

It has really stirred up and renewed me in a good way.  I really like the paradigm they present regarding ages of time and how different kinds of souls emerge on the planet as phases or ways of being merge from one form to another.

It’s been shifting my perspective on how I’ve struggled being an extremely sensitive soul to be able to see how I’m part of a chain of souls and each bit we work makes it easier for the next.  It also helped me to possibly comprehend how some beings are hard wired differently and can even thrive in the current cultural environment we have created.  It has also given me hope, because the theory is more sensitive souls are being born all the time and eventually the percentages will shift to our advantage.

Is it true?  Is it another woo woo new age theory? I don’t know.  What I do know, is that reading the words relaxes my soul, and helps me to appreciate even more all the work of the previous individuals in my life who figured out how to be gentle in spite of indications to the contrary all around us.

Here’s to excellent books!





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