14 01 2011

This might turn out to be a day in the life of piece.  As I’m landing in Atlanta today I see ice on the runway.  ICE??? Atlanta, obviously I’m not looking at Palm Trees outside my man cave anymore.  Next hop Kansas City, I notice in route the entire landscape is covered in white.  I take a picture and send to a friend in Alaska, global what?

I land in Kansas and realize I’m still Florida attired and in no mood to change so I whisk outside and observe people bundled up like 10 degrees is cold or something.  No matter I’m on an ADVENTURE!

My bipolar mood shifter trick of the day, GO on an Adventure!

I hail a taxi and soon discover the first and second language of the driver is not English, I fail at programming his GPS and he has no idea where Union station is.

½ hr later I watch it go by and have him pull over, I start laughing and walking at the same time.   I love life.  When I planned this trip all I was thinking about was about getting into and out of Flagstaff Arizona.  One thing led to another and I’m walking to the train station in Kansas (it’s a day ride from here to my destination).

Not all of my adventures are this grandiose, but I like to think of my days as mini adventures.  If I can adapt an adventure laugh attitude to any mishap in a “normal” day whether it be internal brain malfunction or external life screw up, then soon I’m laughing no matter what.

I also love traveling because I never know who I’ll meet, what I’ll see, or how I’ll be affected.  It turns out downtown Kansas City, is pretty cool, they’ve got walkways and sky ways everywhere I might have to pull out my iphone at some point to find my way back to the station.  If only my brain worked the same way, when lost pull out iphone and push map function hit search and follow the purple line.

I guess that’s what adventure does for me, I search for new flavors tastes sites people and observe conversations coming out of me, and have laughs in the process.

Happy Adventure Day! (Who says we need a national declaration for a day?)





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