Two Words

9 01 2011

Soul Warmth.

Last year I had a mission statement of two words.  Soul Happy.  The year before I had a 500 word mission statement.

This year.  Two Words.  It’s easier to focus and re-member what my purpose is.

Body Ease.


As I reflectively scoop the smelly water from my spirit fire release pit, I contemplate the exact purpose of where I am.  After filtering thru the layers of self-judgment reflected by what I think others are thinking of me, and letting go.  After realizing there quite possibly is a plan in the universe of which I am a unique part of.

After letting go of any current drama/trauma/fear mis-identities running around in my head.

My body relaxes, and I can feel the warmth of my soul.


Soul Warmth.  It’s possible.

Last year, I was not in a happy space to start the new year.  I was empty and drained after completing the many projects of publishing my book and getting an electronic copy created and available on Itunes.  It was the end of a 20 year endeavor to create something positive associated with bipolar disorder, and I did it.

With an empty soul, I simply started the year with two words.

Soul Happy.

To sum up 2010, very happy with soul.

Challenges yes.

Soul happy, yes.

A soul is something which stillness pays attention too.  A soul is something one can reside in luxuriously in spite of and even if things are currently going good or bad.

A soul is.

Two words.

Body Ease.

This is my go-all/mission statement/touch stone/re-member for this year.

Body Ease.

I now live in my soul.

I am now creating a physical home for this beautiful soul.

What a joy it is to be able to let go of cares/burdens/judgments’/fears on a regular and consistent basis, and help my body release what my soul knows already to be true.

What a joy it is to know regardless of years of mis-identity with bipolar dis-ease, that I now know it is possible to be identified with ease, stillness, and quiet knowing.


Two words.

It’s possible.


What are your two words for 2011?




2 responses

12 01 2011
Layla Messner

I’m working with a one-word touchstone this year and my word is:


14 01 2011

EXCELLENT, I love it’s grandiose simplicity. I’ve always been impressed by your no nonsense confidence and faith in visioning and receiving what it is you wish next! Go Layla Go!

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