Energy Vampire

27 12 2010

I’ve been amazed lately at my ability to smoothly transition back into my work wolf pack and not miss a beat when it comes to talking trash about fellow coworkers.  The other day on the phone with a loved one they teased me about a potential future event that could be disastrous in order to attempt to get a “rise” out of me.  I’ve learned from my last three months of a not fully functioning brain that stress or concern brought on the symptoms much faster than anything else,


I also hear on the radio about only 3% of people actually love what they do for a living.

So what about the rest of us 97% how much are we to strive or ease for the 3% group? If we let go and be where we are in life have we “settled”? Is settling ok?  If I find myself in a less desirable situation what do I do?  Three words came to me, seek contentment, gratitude, and interest.

Then a bingo lit up in my head.  Instead of anxiously striving to attain the magical inside of 3%, and or in the process being and or helping others to be miserable, what if I sought out gratitude, contentment, and interest right where I am.  What if my finances, health, family, friends, and interests, are enough to feel fulfilled and not have to find artificial means of boosting my ego by making others upset and sucking the energy out of their fear?

So this is my new theory for the day, preferably before I watch the trash words flow from my mouth I will tune in to how am I feeling about the day and myself.  If I feel inadequate is their anything I can be grateful, content, or interested in or of service to others, more than my urge to be unconscious with people?  Instead of waiting till I feel empty and attempt to suck energy out of someone else, maybe I could seek energy in more appropriate forms.  This is uncomfortable examining, yet it is something I’ve witnessed in myself for years.





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