Knock Knock Receive

10 11 2010


Hmm, let me get back with you on that and what can I do for you, today?

It would appear that there is a whole generation of us new age healer types that have locked on solid to transmitting love caring and nurturing, and are completely clueless about receiving.

It probably has something to do with trust issues.

Oh how quaint and mushy woo woo George you are making me nauseous.

Hey pal, thank you for your service and love to the world but the last time I checked, your tank is looking dry and your headlights are a bit dim.


So what is this receive stuff you are chatting about?

In my sphere of influence lately I overheard “someone like you, who gives so much, deserves anything you want.”

This is where I stop the broadcast and reach out to all of my soul brothers and sisters on the healing journey attempting to figure out the lessons of receiving and have a collective virtual group hug.  Ahh, much better.  Thank you.

Let’s figure this out together.

Many of us grew up and learned how to be incredibly giving solo artists, with no thought of return(which is actually quite beautiful if you think about it.)  Many of us learned positive metaphysics from amazing spiritual teachers,  and have developed our skills to an exquisitely  deep soul level.

And many of us have lived small being big, transmitting huge energy soul assets, with out a clue about why our bodies were falling apart our souls were quietly suffering and being freaked out about our next food and mortgage payments.

So I’ll begin this discussion;  It would appear our next lesson to figure out is receiving.  We are excelling at giving, no more lessons needed there, we be that as easily as we breathe, now it’s about being willing to be nurtured, in as equal a way in which we give.(yeah, THAT big.)

So please join me if you will on this quest of healing ourselves and figuring out what the clues, crumbs, baby food lessons of receiving are about.

So far for me, the book Soul Currency, by Fred Chu appears to be amazing.  I think this guy has been thru this and can help us figure it out too.

Happy trails to you and receiving this fine day,




4 responses

11 11 2010

I want….I want….I want….and I deserve to receive it….all of it…big heaping piles of it are on the way and I am making some room…

Love you buddy.

E. Caspian, MD….

11 11 2010

Yippe skippy ya ya ya arms open wide!

11 11 2010
Tina Antonell

Hello George,
So, great that you are addressing this in a public way! I’ve been soul searching this question…no answers, but it drives me further into all sorts of questions. One of the main ones is how does one eliminate the subconscious belief that you aren’t worthy to receive, or that you have to pay off some BIG karmic debt before you can receive. I feel like I’ve been working on this along time…

I heard Carolyn Myss say the other day that the Spiritual journey is the journey to self empowerment. This struck a big cord in me…and so there isn’t a destination to receiving it is the journey to removing the blocks along the way.

So, I think it is tuning into what isn’t working and uncovering the beliefs that are running the show and then one by one changing the the music. Truly, a practice!!!!

11 11 2010

it feels so much freer to broaden the scope of the audience, to acknowledge the growth the gifts to see the common pattern and to share the wealth of learning together. It’s always a mixture for me between being hyper focussed on the present, until I can clearly see the thread from past, but not letting myself dwell, and yet at times some triggers are still huge in which I must compassionately sit until the energy stills. it feels so good to be so far to receive excellent feedback and know I’m being of service as me, and at the same to allow myself to be impatient to play the game at another level.
many thoughts,
big smiles

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