Vision Calling

30 10 2010

We now interrupt our regular programming to let you know about visions.  It is vital.  End of message.  Did you “get” it?

Recently I’ve been dancing with body healing opportunities in my life, and living the “IF” question.  If you only had…  Fortunately it was only my mind and not my physical body that was convinced something disastrous was happening.  But it worked.  My mind freaking out really rebooted my vision.  My mind freaking out really rebooted my spiritual practices.  My mind freaking out really rebooted all the important questions in life.  Who am I?  What am I being?  Why?

Thank LOVE.  (I’ve connected with some really cool people on my healing journey as of late and decided to call the concept we know and refer to as GOD, back to what I see as a more true and original word of the concept; LOVE.)

Where was I?

Thank LOVE(GOD).  That my mind has been busy freakin out over turning rocks cleaning dusty corners and motivating me to re-deepen my well examined life.

And guess what?

I’m a dreamer, a visionary, an artist, a poet, and a believer in good possibilities.  I gotta say this feeeeels soooo good.  For many years a primary question in my day and re-focal point has been.  If I only had 10 minutes today, what is the most important thing I can focus on?

With this focus point of 10 minutes, I’ve been able to connect with and work on my visions, and bring a few to reality such as my book; Living Out Of Darkness.  I share with you now how incredibly comforting it is to face potential physical scenarios in ones life, and know, hold in hand, an accomplished reason for one’s existence, and a sense of relief for having fulfilled vision calling.

How dare I for so many years challenge the beliefs around bipolar disorder and manic depression, how dare I collect my discoveries, trials, and joys in a book? How dare I build my own field of dreams with my resources to hack a path through the jungle of darkness in my own mind, so that those who may be curious if there is another way, they can laugh, cry, and hope they might find a way as well?

How dare I not?

Visions are vital.  10 minutes a day on my current vision focal point are as necessary as breathing for me.  My ten minutes are the most sacred of my day because they keep offering up my insides out, and appear to keep affecting and creating in my life the most good, and the most sincere rewarding connection with others.

Please, please, please, share your visions with us.  Visions light our souls, and connect our souls.  Visions brighten our day, and improve the quality of life for those who follow.

And if you have no vision, please know I pray with you, and beg you to give yourself 10 minutes a day of sacred time and space in your life to sit and listen to your soul until your body leaps into action from an irresistible urge to LIVE.

Luv yous,




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