Rippin It

22 08 2010

I dare say, work experience for the month went very well.  I danced through all the usual upsets, pleasants, accomplishments and boredoms, and even got to tell my dear wolf pack of co-workers what I thought of their head games.  I’ve been pursuing a more open door policy with b.s. and using my feedback audio device(mouth/voice) as needed.

In our nice society, I think we’ve let real jerks who choose not to play the nice game get away with not having feedback which could lead to their growth.  So when mean people decide to use their mouth to be mean, I’ve chosen to be blunt.   When people have chosen to be openly neurotic, I’ve chosen not to listen, find a different path, and maintain my own sanity.  I’m done listening to and maintaining crap.  If I hear realness, sincerity and or an honest request for help, which gets past my organic bullshit sensors, then I’m there.  If it’s run of the mill crap, I’ve completely lost all interest.  I would rather dedicate my time to solitude with nature and spirit rather then invest false attention (politeness) to another’s illusion of ego or untruth about their limited self or current projected illusion of a less then whole me.  This may not be popular or PC, but I’m done with the PC game.  It may have done our society, corporations, and families more harm than good.

If more people let it rip now and then with out financial, social, personal consequences, than we could collectively dig to the bottom of what really may be going on, and how best to proceed as a group.

Ok, that’s me for today.

Being real,




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