Now Joy

5 08 2010

There is a great video on Youtube called a crash course in miracles, which has sent my mind and my ego for a good spin.  On some levels it reinforces what I’ve known for years, it’s all about the now.  On other levels it’s confronted my ego story on a whole new level.  It’s funny to watch half of my brain run around in circles when it’s heard a new truth and the other half play let’s catch the mind again this is new input to help be closer in the now. (Yes, it’s very silly and complicated in my brain at times.)

I’m also heading back to work, which ought to be interesting.  I love new age/ancient age concepts, and I love shoving head full of them right into the mud dirt rubber meets the road life.  It really takes the bluff out of them and causes me to put up or shut up with what works, and doesn’t work.

God is now, negative thinking in any way shape or form is the ego thinking about the past or the future, and causes an illusion or misinterpretation of reality to fill in the lack of vision for what is truly real.  Positive thinking is about the now and being with benevolent joy, which is always present regardless of where our current ego illusions have wandered.

So I’m attempting to replace my concept of God as now.   God is now.  When I am truly present with all that is, and release all mental illusion, I’m ok, life is a miracle.  When I attempt to leave now, and think about past or future, I’m not in the biggest place of joy.

Of course when I write it out it sounds all simple like I’ve heard it before.  What I love about discovering new thoughts is my mind’s ability to race around and obsess about it like a new toy.  For my work shift I now have a theme to revert back to.  When I’m ready to pummel a coworker with words, there is now one more chink in my ego armor for possibly averting the attack.  Being upset with someone is just about fear; fear is not in the now.  Anyway, watch the video if you get a chance.

May happiness envelope all worker bees today,




2 responses

7 08 2010

I ‘stumbled’ upon your website and have kept up with your blog ever since. I have not been diagnosed with bipolar, but suffer from anxiety and depression. I can relate to your words because they give a voice to mine. I have always kept a journal, but had stopped for quite some time. I have begun to journal again, this time about my good and bad days and the thoughts that go around and around in my head. But, thank you for putting a positive embracing view on something I considered a serious flaw. My doc had told me, there is nothing wrong with me, it is JUST HOW GOD WIRED ME. I tried to hold on to that line, but, I need constant reminding. And as I go back through older blogs, I see alternative ideas to living my life in a way that suits my personality, that I never even considered. Thanks again for sharing.

7 08 2010

Thank you for putting a huge grin on my face today! Thank you for thinking and being different, it makes planet earth so much more interesting. The more I’ve accepted the fact that I’m a bit goofy at times and a bit moody at times, the less crazy I feel. Fitting into my own brain and rhythms, is a pleasure I relish. Being my own expert is much more fun and easy, than attempting to live by other’s interpretations of exterior occurrences. May a deep giggle spontaneously emerge from your soul today. ; / >

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