Joy Sources

18 07 2010

I kicked over a can of worms the other day at work and uncovered unexpected energy and joy.  I was feeling lost and “riding the bus” as I call it when I’m going through motions of accomplishing tasks but not really engaging with them in an interesting way.  Later on a coworker attempted to bully me into a task I was not qualified on and I clearly stated I was not going to do it without proper training.  The individual chose to tell everyone I was in charge and left the scene.  A qualified co-worker and I were able to get thru and complete the day.

Instead of stewing about it, I took action.  I clearly and concisely defended my boundary and communicated with higher ups that this behavior was inappropriate and dangerous.  My mental thinking was, this will just piss everyone off and I’ll feel even darker for having made an attempt.  Instead I felt joy.  I was elated in fact to have been able to so clearly have someone violate a boundary, and so clearly and quickly take resolving action to mitigate the situation.  The risk was upsetting three long-term friends, the reward was feeling freer inside about what I am and not ok with in hazardous situations. That evening, instead “riding the bus” into my room/cave, watching t.v. and forgetting daze events, which has been a past pattern, I had energy to go hiking.

My lesson for the last several days:  Sources of joy are not always easy to uncover yet they can offer so much if discovered and harvested.

May your purpose be clear today,




2 responses

8 08 2010

I experienced this just today. I told a friend (of about 6 weeks) how self-centered he was and how much that inconsideration hurt me. He is no longer speaking to me. And I am so proud of myself. I am proud that I took very clear and no-holds-barred action and ending things so quickly. I wrote it on my gratitude list today.

9 08 2010

It’s amazing how incredible it feels to be free on the inside and let the universe adjust accordingly, congratulations on your openness.

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