Joy Income

9 07 2010

“God is my employer, joy is my income.”  George Denslow

I am a pleasure monkey.  I like to smile, be joyful, expectant, and goofy.  At times I’m more reserved shy and silent, but the inner me is much more content to wag my tail at any given excuse.  When I am at the same job for awhile or living location and my inner joy escapes a little bit, and other joy monkeys discover my truth, we love to welcome each other with smiles hugs and shared stories of recent adventures and discoveries.  The general agreement is that the infamous “box” and rules are just guidelines and suggestions for those in need of external authority.

I‘ve also experienced the fullness in life of many different forms of earning a living.  At various junctures in my work journey I’ve had healthy interactions with the boss, and less pleasant transactions.  When I started gaining and looking for even more spiritual comfort stability and joy in my life I started asking thinking about who really is my boss.  That was an easy one; I’m very comfortable with the concept of God, a positive force in the universe conspiring for my good.

Recently I started thinking about income.  If God is my boss, and or employer, then does God pay me money?  Certainly financial gain is a part of the energy exchange in trading my time and intellect for desired outcomes, but is it all?  One day after a delicious interaction with a co-worker in which being me, while fixing the gadget in need of my services, seemed to offer them a form of relief and joy, I realized something.  Part of my paycheck that day was joy.  Whenever I get to be a human in a sometimes inhuman work environment and am successfully able to negotiate around HR and or God issues in a corporate environment, and yet somehow mutually experience a human moment of life is better since we interacted moment, I feel joy.  Sometimes I am the primary receiver, sometimes I am the giver, sometimes two souls just meet in the course of a day and have a brief or lingering conversations and the energy elevates of it’s own accord.  This is joy income.

When I’ve expanded on this thought recently in family interactions during my off time, it’s continued to work.  What if God was my employer in all endevears, and joy was my constant source of income.  If this were the case, then how significant or not becomes my obsession with money problems.

Since many problems in life can not be assisted by money, when my energy was getting low or scared, I focused on the thought of joy.  How can I uniquely be and express me in an interaction in which inner or out joy can be assisted.

When I focused more on this, rather than the external negativity, many down spiral mental opportunities were avoided.

This is a new thought process for me, thanks for listening, what’s your joy income?




2 responses

13 07 2010
Layla Messner

Quiet evening time. Decided I needed a “George Denslow fix”, stopped by and voila. Love it. Off to tweet about it now.

27 07 2010

A George Denslow fix, hmm, cool, I feel the same way about blogging, it gives me a joy fix and a chance to babble, so glad my brain drool entertains and merges well with quiet evenings ; / >. Lucky me to have someone who encouraged me until I got hooked. Thank you.

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