Sacred Roles

6 07 2010

I am brother, and son.  I consider myself to be an ancient ie: (this isn’t my first rodeo on planet earth).  If someone chooses me to be their brother or son in family of origin, and I choose them, then I chose to honor this role.

This role has consistently provided the greatest internal growth awakening opportunity in this life.  I can also accept how my constant changing, gypsy approach to life, and uniqutivity(unique + creative),  several bubbles off current “norms” in life, have been a growth opportunity for my family of origin as well.

Oh heck, let’s just throw bipolar into the mix as well.  It’s been a rather interesting two weeks.

I chose to invest my off time this month with my family.  I sat and listened to my middle sister in her cabin.   I had coffee with my dad on his porch, enjoying his view.  Spent a lovely day with my older sister, and deep a chat with my mom about life.

Today, I am actively allowing the scared parts of me release my history, because it is not my destiny.  For some strange reason, I’m the one that sits down with each member in my family, checks in, in their environment, and then goes on to visit the next.

I’m not always sure why I do this.  The mental/spiritual side of me says because of sacred son/brother honor role.   The current new side of me is impatient.  “but I wanna wanna wanna, do this this this instead”.

I guess it boils down to honoring family, role, and life itself.  Yes, I am getting to my want to’s, and yes I’m honoring my past, my roots, and whence my many awakenings have spring boarded from.

My family continues to walk their lives, in the divine direction of their choosing, and I walk mine.

I pray for them, I pray for yours,

I thank God for all the healing that is occurring in families of origin, today.




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