Computer Withdrawals

22 05 2010

“I claim my wholeness and worth right where I stand.  What I seek is inside me.” Alan Cohen, A Daily Dose of Sanity May 22.

My trusty computer decided not to wake up and function two days ago and I am experiencing withdrawals.  I realize how it has become a big part of my comfort, withdrawal at times, and form of functionality.   It has also become a means of expressing my favorite art forms of insight and writing.  So much is written and spoken about how bad computers are, yet it could be viewed as is it the user or the computer.  A computer is just a high speed calcutator we use to create info and transmit from one physical location to another.  It’s been a huge comfort for me to have an easy fucntional tool to capture my gifts and share them with the world, in my own unique timing method and space.

So when I read Alan’s passage today, I laughed at how silly I am about technology.  All the technology I seek and need is already in me.  When I sit in silence and allow myself to fill with emptiness, and then insight, all is well in my world for a time, no matter what is going on around or inside of me.  The miracle of ahh from physical stillness never ceases to amaze me.


behind at work, must keep earning my room and board for the month,





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