Hungry for dirty dishes

11 05 2010

Empty is in my organic bipolar rhythm.  I used to view it as bad.  I used to get frustrated with it.  Why, why does it keep occurring?

When I do the dishes (I still enjoy old fashioned hands hot water soap), the sink either fills with dirty water or it just drains away as I wash.  When I’m done, I wipe down the sink and it is ready for a fresh batch of dirty dishes.

When my current batch of busyness, or exciting stuff ends, my sink feels dirty and empty.  Hence I sink a bit.

When I allow time and moment to remember the sponge to wipe the sink,

When I allow spirit the openness for me to empty my mind and ask the question, what’s next?

I feel comforted because my sink is clean.

If I’m down or empty or frustrated again with being bipolar, it’s good to re-member the process of cleaning my sink, allowing opening to what’s new, and eagerly anticipating the next big batch of dirty dishes coming my way.

Time to cook,




One response

13 07 2010
Layla Messner

I thought I was the only one who liked old-fashioned dish doing. I find it a lovely way to enter my imagination.

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