Baby Step Change

21 04 2010

“Gradual is the way of nature.  Radical change is the way of man.”  Alan Cohen, A Daily Dose of Sanity.  April 21.

Cut copy paste.   Today’s lesson from Alan should be attached as a warning label to adventurers on the positive metaphysical trail.  Yes radical change and revolution in one’s life is possible, AND, the slow gradual process can be frustrating and depressing at times, yet long term commitment to the gradual daily baby step process of change, has yielded results in my life beyond my best projections, for years now.  When I first came across the law of attraction and other such new age concepts, I did all the instant change leaps of faith.  I quit jobs, moved, started new careers, went after passion projects with abandon.  It was an awesome and exciting phase of spiritual growth.  AND, with bipolar it was a very wild ride.

Now, I love keeping my toe in the waters of spirituality, while laughing at my story and perception of reality in my head.  Just this morning at breakfast while consuming my breakfast of late, croissant, bacon, eggs, slurply delicious, I was watching CNN discuss fat kids in school.  I laughed.  My buddy asked why?  I said I’ll probably have to pay a fat tax soon.

What?  Yep, I regularly exercise, eat right, and I also enjoy food.  This could lead to a fat tax one day if mandatory physicals ever come to light.

So he asked again why are you laughing about it?

I didn’t have an answer so I smiled, shrugged my shoulders, and chomped into another mouthful of breakfast heaven.

Some changes for me have come relatively easy or happened years ago that I now see them as easy.  Getting off drugs and alcohol in my early 20’s.  Let go of smoking in my mid thirties.

Food.  HA.  It appears to be a shock absorber in my life for the crap I haven’t dealt with yet.  With my magic wand I would whisk it all away and release the emotions or whatever it is I’m carrying around.

Radical diets have never worked for me.  Been there done that tried a majority of them.

Yet, lately,(aside from my breakfast delight), I have been letting go of less healthier foods and enjoying the all natural delights again.

Today’s lesson from Alan reminds me to be gentle with the long term or what I like to call spin cycle lessons in my life, and to be grateful for the lessons that came easy and keep paying me dividends of joy year after year.

I invite you today to pause, hold yourself, and breathe, for 1 minute, 10 or more.  Just sit, breathe, and appreciate yourself exactly as you are, mind, body, spirit, soul.

I’ll be joining you,





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