Huffing and puffing

17 04 2010

I just wrote a bunch of crap for my blog and deleted it.  What’s really going on, what do I really want to create with my life today?

I read Alan’s entry, How Easy Can It Get?  April 17th., from his book A Daily Dose of Sanity.

What’s really going on?  I’m off my healthy physical routine, I’m wanting to slip back into old mental patterns and behaviors, and when I’m reading positive stuff about divine order and have faith I blow it off or dismiss it.

These are indicators to me that something deeper is shifting and ready to pop.  I can continue to ignore or run from it, or I can allow it to unfold and happen.  When I dig around in my own mind for answers it’s easy to get lost and negative, so I let it be easy.  I am simply aware today that something is going on below the surface, and I gently ask to be shown what it is I’m ready to release and let go of or see or heal or whatever.

This is the juice and where reality meets bipolar for me today.  Spiritual practices are great, but they are actually only training for the real growth opportunities when they show up.  Will I grow or ignore today.

Past experience has shown me that if I deal with what ever is really bothering me today, it will heal easier, than if I ignore it, let it fester, and show up as a blow out I’ll have to deal with.

My question for today to myself:  What am I ready to let go of so I can create what I really want?

Huffing and puffing,




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