31 03 2010

Today I declare my involution.  For years I’ve been excellent at playing the role of speaking acting out against injustice and stupidity(my own as well as others).  I’m bored with that.  For years I’ve been good at changing jobs, friends, places to live, etc.(rearranging the chairs on titanics.)

I’ve been in my current job/career/companies, twelve years.  I love my “life” outside of work and all in roads I’ve made into learning/sharing/teaching my passion for bipolar journey.

So I am at a turning point.  I’ve done management, no thanks, I’ve rebelled against management, bored, I’ve changed management, done that.  So I’m staying for now.  I want more peace and continuity with my job.  I want to get up do my routine be peaceful go to work and be in as much peace as I can, the good groovy vibration as long as I can.  It’s the good stuff, I’m a good stuff junkie, therefore I shall create manifest more.

So instead of charismatically convincing people one way or the other(which when I am “on” I can pretty much convince most people  to want many things) ie, revolution with the current level of stupidity in my current companies management policies,

I declare an involution.  What next level in me do I need to tackle next, what baby steps in me and my behavior and attitude energy can I shift to altar my experience and perception to the point that I am mentally free irregardess of the immature stupidity occurring in me and around me.

This is where my head spin rage lead me to today, where have I been, where am I done, what do I want/need to focus on create next.  Which part of my life do I wish to create altar make juicier next?


Good night, Sleep loose,




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