Bipolar Journey

16 03 2010

I have been having a lot of discussions with people lately about bipolar, labels, and miracles.  I’ve also had a new definition or words for the bipolar experience rummaging around in the back of my head.  So here goes.

Bipolar Journey.

Bipolar is good.

We are naturally uninhibited from seeing truth(real and perceived thru our own filters)

We are naturally uninhibited from using our voice.(until shut down hard enough long enough, medicated, or we learn discernment as to when may be most effective and learn/accept the reasons why)

We are naturally uninhibited from taking action.(until likewise see above)

These are all actually useful helpful things in an individual/group/society/culture.

However, because we pop out raw into this world of many truths and possibilities, we are like rockets without fins or scientists to help teach form guide us.

In ancient times a raw bipolar child was hooked up with a mentor/medicine person/guide/wise person.  To discover train guide the young child with their gifts, and protect them from the group if the uninhibited expressions got out of hand before awareness and training kicked in.

This brings me back to bipolar journey.

Is life a process or a product?

As a process it evolves changes alters discovers and can brew into something deeper and more evolved if we so choose and design/allow.

A product implicates an end, finished, ta daaa.

Bipolar (drop the disorder) add Journey, can be viewed as an ongoing development of our vision, voice, and action, in more and more aware, refined, and effective methods- with training ourselves to be self regulating(still an ongoing process for me), and learning avenues of expression that help the tribe along.

Anger was a biggie for me for soooo many years.  All I saw made me angry, all I spoke to and took action on made me even angrier because of the poo poo reaction, and trouble I got into.

Over time I was able to accept some things, let go of some things, and focus on some things in more and more effective ways of communicating what I saw, and how I thought things could be improved.

I am grateful for bipolar journey, unmedicated, no longer raw, slightly brewed and refined now.

Peace to you and your journey today




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24 11 2010
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