Letting Go, gently

5 03 2010

“The contrast can motivate you to make a new choice that will enable you to endure well-being rather than ongoing hell.”  Alan Cohen.  A Daily Dose of Sanity. March 5th

You mean when I stop hitting my head with a hammer it will feel better?  Wow.  When I stop driving down the same streets with huge potholes and getting stuck and find different streets life will get better?  Coool.  I think I’ll get today’s lesson tattooed on my arm somewhere since I need yesterdays on my forehead.  This is such a confusing lesson for me.  On an intellectual level I get it.  On a practical life lesson level, I’ve successfully used it.  On an emotional healing level, I require lots of patience and compassion with my self.

Some behaviors have been easier to let go of then others.  Some I’ve chosen to get to major crisis levels before I was willing to let go of whatever payoff I thought I was getting.  Having intellectual knowledge of an easier path, and personal experience having let go of many things, and continuing with negativity and seemingly harmless or numbing activities, can easily send me into a tailspin.  I wanna wanna wanna now, yet but I, uh, Really?

The good news is over time I have a core of healthy choices and behaviors that is expanding.   I also have a lot of compassion with anyone struggling to let go, and be easier.

*hugs self*




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