Silliness ROCKS!!!

2 03 2010

“…their true identity is grander than the troubles the world poses, and they teach more by joy than by words.”  Alan Cohen, A Daily Dose of Sanity. March 1st.

Wow!!!  my most favoritests topic!  Me hav bunches a favs but this gotsa to be a big’un.  Me, myself, and I have discovered humor, sillyness, outrageousness is availible 24/7 365.  Odds are if I allow myself to be goooooofy enough I can laugh at anything.  I love sticking my tonge out and fingers in my ears and wagging my tale all at the same time.  I love making sounds with my mouth like I’m driving a truck or race car.  I love dancing spontaeously for no particular reason with or without music.  I’m blessed with being bipolar in this way.  No matter how dark I’ve gotten at times, the light inside me has never extinguished, and sometimes in my darkest moments in the far reaches of the back of my cave, out bounces the goofy being that I am.  THANK GOD.   At first I used to ignore or poo poo this light being in me because I was busy being moody, grumpy, alone, depressed and desparate and beat up by life I didn’t need any silliness thank you very much I just sat and suffered.

UUUUFffda.  Fortunately my goofy self could never take no for an answer for very long.  In fact when I healed a bunch of childhood stuff, and discovered my happy inner kiddo I affectionately refer to as WALLY, then it was game on.  I made Wally the CFO in my head (Chief Fun Officer), I gave him carte blanche to interrupt my moody darkness in any way he saw fit whenever he felt like it.  I forgot about this and life moved on. I was in a funk one day, and WHAM, next thing I know I’m skipping along the sidewalk, jumping into the ocean when it’s way too cold and uncivilized, walking around in public fountains, buying super soakers giving one to a current friend then sneaking up on him  or her and getting in all kinds of trouble.  Just the other day Wally upgraded his gaming system to an xbox 360 and we both love the driving games. Vrooom, Vroooom, (oops Wally was taking a mouth break from writing)

The more I play, the less I focus on “THE LIST”, and “my problems”, the more I allow my inner kiddo to show me how fun just about anything (including work) can be, the happier I am.

Nowadays when I’m in my deep dark cave and Wally shows up, I love to listen and follow his directions.

Hokey Pokey’s to ya,

Wally and George



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