25 02 2010

“I discover where passion and genius live, and I let them guide me and others to success.”  from Alan Cohen’s new book A Daily Dose of Sanity.  Feb 24th

I love hanging out with people.  I find it incredibly fascinating and juicy to listen to a conversation as it drifts through the blah blah blah, and gets to what awakens the soul.  Usually at some point in just about any conversation there is a sentence a line or a word that awakens the spirit.  Sometimes it is preceded by a hurt or a concern in need of comfort or acknowledgement. Sometimes nervousness guides us everywhere but our passion.  It’s the stillness that ensues from allowing a listen to someone discover where their train of thought is going which brings the fascination for me.  When I completely let go of me, and allow space to be filled with the others verbal journey, I get to discover their gold.  Each individual I’ve ever had the pleasure of lingering in conversations with have always led me to thoughts that often grow and expand in me for years to come.  It is so amazing to me how many people there are and how many moments there are and how each one can blossom into a treasure.  Rarely have I ever not been amazed by glow in another’s eyes when the bingo of what they are really interested in pops out.  This is when I see the teacher in each and everyone of us.

In Alan’s writing today he describes the art of a true teacher is to step out of the way, keeping the focus on what is truly passionate and life giving.  I absolutely love and respect this about Alan and his teachings over the years.  In my eyes he is a true teacher because of his utter honesty and devotion to completely embracing and letting me go, no matter where I have been on my journey.  Every drama and trauma I have ever brought to him, in person at a retreat or over the phone in a life coaching session, he has always seen and reflected the good that I am, helped me to reframe my current crisis or problem, and gradually over time helped me to fish for myself and now most recently helping me deepen my skill for helping to teach others to fish for the good in their life no matter what is occurring.  It is through gentle guidance from his written words, time to let them sink in, and week long retreats, that I was able to transform bipolar from a “disorder” to a divine spritiual journey/opportunity.  It is through years of Alan seeing me whole as I was, that allowed me to question to see to allow the process in me bloom into the gifts of internal light and dark journeys which organically and naturally occur within me.  I can honestly look you in the eye and say each agony, each dark night of the soul for me is directly responsbible for copious amounts of  the ecstasty in my life today.  Ecstasy for me is realizing in the moment how extraordinary life itself is, and each of us is a window to a unique perspective of it.  With an open mind and an incredible teacher like Alan in my life, a journey of unfolding is enivitable.

Thank God for true and awesome selfless teachers.

in stillness and gratitude,




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