The Big Ahhh

10 10 2009

I like having a daily positive metaphysical lesson.  It’s almost cheating.  Who knows how I’m going to wake up or treat my day.  Sometimes moody, disruptive and cranky, sometimes happy go lucky no matter what.

A positive daily lesson preferably with a few questions to write out and answer, can offer me a reframe and positive direction no matter what state of mind I’m in.

Being at work again, my lesson this morning couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  Finding the Ahh.  Looking for the positive.  It is easy to slip into negatives, and yet I’ve found it’s much more enjoyable and even a little easier to be in the positives.  Finding the gratitude, looking for the spiritual role or lessons I may be learning.

And this was the key that unlocked my ahh and positivity.  Re-membering that their is a benevolent power I am a part of, that could quite possible be a plan I don’t know all the details of, and right where I am, who and how I interact with could have nothing to do with the surface appearances and everything to with transformation occurring underneath.  And who am I to complain if I don’t like or feel comfortable with the current lessons I’m learning and creating for myself.

So thank you for this day, this opportunity to be alive, to be in the presence of spirit, to seek and to know Spirit’s will through action.

ok, time to be the worker bee.




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